David and Goliath?

Why didn’t Goliath just sue David for his trash talk instead of picking a fight with him? Because that’s what bullies do!!

An open letter to Ms. Madeline S. Bell, CEO, CHoP regarding Dr. Paul Offit

December 24th 2017 by Ray Wesolowski, A call for action to cauterize the vaccine experiment gone wildly wrong!!


Dear Ms. Bell,

Dr. Offit deceives the public for profit in his 2011 book about the real health impact of Aluminum in vaccines on children thereby making all informed/consents across the country invalid.   Now is the time to disgrace Dr. Offit.   You must know this.   I’m sure you have heard the expression “If you sleep with dogs you end up with fleas”!   “Do The Right Thing”! Fire Offit!

Enclosed is some short e-mails I had traded with Christopher Exley, PhD FRSB.   You may have heard of Dr. Exely.    Dr. Exely et al. published in “Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology” Volume 46, March 2018, Pages 76-82, “Aluminum in Brain Tissue in Autism” and writes “These are some of the highest values for Aluminum in human brain tissue yet recorded and ONE HAS TO QUESTION WHY, FOR EXAMPLE, THE ALUMINUM CONTENT OF THE OCCIPITAL LOBE OF A 15year old boy would be 8.74 (11.59) ug/g dry wt.?   Here’s a link.   I think it would be malpractice for you to not view this.   Be the beacon on the hill!   Set the new “standard of care” for the country.   Start by ditching the ridiculous Hep B vaccine.

In closing, don’t be like the tobacco industry slow walking this issue.   It’s already been 30 years!!!  In our last e-mail Dr. Exely writes what he thinks of your Dr. Proffit!

New study: Massive Aluminum levels in Autism brains, is this the …


Ray Wesolowski, RWESOL12@gmail.com


“In 2040, who’s going to be taking care of the 1 in 2 kids with Autism and the seniors with Alzheimer’s projected to double (28 million). I hate to be all “Doom And Gloom” but come on people.  Your doctor is your frienemy whereas Big Pharma is your enemy”! Please let doctors doctor. The liability model should be reversed!   Sue Big Pharma not your doctor.   Repel NVICA 1986!!!”


Open – letter – Protest Hep B vaccine given to Newborns

Open – letter – Protest Hep B vaccine given to Newborns, Rallylist.com Search PA

To:   Minister Rodney Muhammad, President Phila. NAACP, Minister Del. Val., Mosque no. 12, NOI

From:   Ray Wesolowski, BS, Respiratory Care, disabled

Date:   May 4th 2017

Re:   “Protest Hep B vaccine given to Newborns”


Dear Minister Rodney Muhammad,

I hope you’ve had a chance to see some of my daily tweets and information regarding Autism.   I’m organizing a “Protest against giving Hep B vaccine to Newborns 5/14/17 6am – 9am at Lankenau Medical Center with free parking at Panera Bread ½ mile west of Lankenau.   I want to personally invite you and members of your congregation.   Autism is dreadful as documented in “VAXXED”, “Vaccines Revealed”, and “The Truth About Vaccines”.

“VAXXED: From cover-up to Catastrophe” details how the CDC covered up stats which shows African-American boys suffer Autism #2.63x greater than the already staggering rate prevalence.   I believe that the CDC should be forced by Congress to allow Dr. William Thompson to testify as the whistleblower that he proclaimed to be in 2013 pertaining to their destruction of data.   I believe his testimony will demonstrate the CDC as a racist organization (i.e., Drs. Gerberding, Destefano, Thompson) and expose one of the greatest Civil Rights violations of our time.

Really any hospital could be protested that delivers babies.   I chose Lankenau because I worked there for 11 years, (miss it every day) and know the terrain, before being diagnosed with Muhammad Ali disease in 2003.   Over the last 14 years of doing research into Parkinson’s, I kept arriving also at Autism and ALZ.   The common element between these three was/is ALUMINUM in vaccines!   “”The simplest explanation is usually the correct one!” – derived from Occam’s razor.

To be honest with you my proposed protest has seemingly garnered little support.   People are unaware of the tsunami that is coming with state mandated vaccinations.    “Protest against Hep B vaccine given to Newborns” will be historic as the first protest of its’ type in the US, targeting the illegitimate start of a child’s ALUMINUM clock for profit whether 1000 people show up or if my wife and I are marching ourselves.   Here’s the great Dr. Wakefield: “When 1 in 2 of the population has Autism you either have or care for someone with it, and that’s it/ You have no standing army, no economy, no infrastructure whatsoever, and that is the way this is headed (based on MIT model of the increased rate of Autism – estimated to reach 1 in 2 by 2025-2032), and there is absolutely no reason to believe that the trajectory of this curve is going to change. This is the most important issue in America today.” Dr. Andrew Wakefield

     The current Autism prevalence rate is 1 in 45 children.  However, if you take into account the historical trends of the CDC reporting, the prevalence rate is more like 1 in 29!

     In closing, I would like to thank you for your thoughtful consideration and to say that, although I’m disabled, I still manage to get around so, if you want further debriefing, let me know the time and place.   I listened to your sermon in Pittsburgh via YouTube and I understand (paraphrase) “not to expect to harvest right after seeding” (instant gratification).   However, we do live during extraordinary times!


Ray Wesolowski, rwesol12@gmail.com, @Ray_wesol

Opened letter – Autism

To:  President Barack Obama

C/o: Valerie Jarrett, S. A.

From: Ray Wesolowski

Date: 2/5/15

Re:   “Opened letter – Autism”

I believe that Autism, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease are all the same disease!   The factor that separates them is age of onset.   An analogy would be my getting poison ivy.   I can still hear my Mom saying “don’t scratch, you’re gonna spread it”.   This is a common misconception.   The reason it shows up (poison ivy, oak, or sumac) on say your face day one, hands day two, and legs day three is because of different skin textures.   When is the last time you heard of a 4 year old diagnosed with PD or ALZ?.  Similarly, when is the last time you heard of a 39 year old with a new diagnosis of Autism?

What links these three diseases together is vaccinations containing Aluminum and, just to make a point, thimerosal (mercury).   Did you know the ONLY reason thimerosal is (still) in some vaccines like ”Fluzone” (influenza) and “Menomune” (meningococcal) is because it’s manufactured as a multi-patient vial and so it has thimerosal as a bacteriostatic preservative $.   Aluminum, which is a toxic substance and the body has ZERO use for, is used as an adjuvant in many vaccines.   Is it in there because recent medical literature agrees that it needs to be or because that’s how it’s been made since 1929?   I recently read that the HPV vaccine had the same efficacy WITHOUT as with the adjuvant aluminum.   So why aren’t parents given the option to choose “without” for their young daughters $.     Parental choice is so important.     The Amish are not afflicted with Autism.

I recently asked a doctor of mine who is an allergy/immunology specialist if there was a MORE expensive way to make efficacious vaccines without aluminum.   His answer was…..YES.   ALZ and PD patient autopsies show high aluminum levels in the brain and kids Mineral Tissue Hair Analysis show an abnormal “aluminum burdens”.

No level of aluminum is considered normal or safe so the goal is zero with the knowledge that aluminum is ubiquitous.

I believe by law someday soon, HIPPA will mandates doctors to talk to their patients on how to alleviate “aluminum burden” if asked and if they give a vaccine with aluminum as part of informed consent.   Namely, this council would include:   a balanced diet, multivitamin with esp. zinc, sweaty exercise, and 1L/day of Silica mineral H2O not nursed. (Fiji H2o or comparable)   Google-> Pubmed 17435954

Legislation needed should include 1.) Outlaw the manufacture and use of multi-patient use vaccine vials 2.) Outlaw the use of thimerosal in any vaccine 3.) Fund a research project to be free of aluminum as an adjuvant in vaccines within 3 years 4.) change back to the 1969 (“ALTamont Vaccine Schedule”) CDC recommended vaccine schedule for kids up to age six  5.) Mandate doctors to advise patients on how to alleviate their aluminum burden if asked and if they give a vaccine which contains aluminum 6.) Outlaw drug advertising from TV similar to cigarettes; relegate advertising to billboards.

Aluminum is ubiquitous i.e., antacids, antiperspirants.   These types of products are poorly absorbed.   In fact, aluminum is poorly absorbed via gi tract (0.3%) whereas a vaccine containing aluminum is 100% absorbed by the body when injected.   The Autism prevalence rate is staggering; 1 in 68 children according to PAautism.org on 7/2/2014; 1 in 50 nationwide.   According to NVIC.org, the prevalence rate for Autism was 1 in 555 in the 1990’s!!! 

Stop this game of AUTISM ROULETTE!!!

Ray Wesolowski


Open letter – Autism

I wouldn’t go picking a fight with Bobby D!! I’m sure he’s got some Johnny Boy left in him & that ain’t no Bronx Tail!!

An open letter to Paul A. Offit, M.D., F.A.A.P., CHoP and Charlotte A. Moser challenging their assertion that vaccination, in 2016, is safe.

September 1, 2016 by Ray Wesolowski, whistleblower, a response to an excerpt from “Vaccines and Your Child”


Paul A. Offit, M.D., F.A.A.P.,

Com’Offit doctor, really?   You disparage Mr. Robert De Niro and at least 25 other celebrities (1) who happen to be parents of children with Autism when you write “they parade celebrities” on page twenty-nine in an excerpt from your book “Vaccines and Your Child”.    They’re just parents.    Shame on you doctor!   The only “parading celebrities” I’ve seen are ”Penn & Teller’s Bullshit on Vaccinations” Youtube PSA (2) or is it Teller & Penn?   Wait, which one speaks?   It’s high school debating 101.   If you have to use profanity to make your point then you’ve already lost the debate.

I would like to state some stipulations.    I don’t presume to think that I know more about vaccination than you.   My education stopped at a Bachelor Health Science degree.   However, unlike the FOIL method, M.D. and intellect are only two of the four prongs needed to be a successful doctor.   Of course the other two being ethics and morals.   The arrest and conviction of Kermit Gosnell locally would exemplify, acutely the lacking of the last two. (3)   I don’t know you doctor.   I’m guessing that you possess all four prongs but like my other math teacher use to say “never ASS U ME”.

Second stipulation is the prevalence of Autism by year.   AUTISM PREVALENCE 1975 –   1 in 5000 children, 1985 – 1 in 2500, 1995 – 1 in 500 (REMEMBER THIS), 2001 – 1 in 250, 2004 – 1 in 166, 2007 – 1 in 150, 2009 – 1 in 110, 2012 – 1 in 88 (4), 2014 – 1 in 45!!! (5)   “Based on the abovementioned research, approximately 53% percent of the increase in autism prevalence over time may be explained by changes in diagnosis (26%), greater awareness (16%), and an increase in parental age (11%).  While this research is beginning to help us understand the increase in autism prevalence, half of the increase is still unexplained and not due to better diagnosis, greater awareness, and social factors alone. Environmental factors, and their interactions with genetic susceptibilities, are likely contributors to increase in prevalence.” (4)   Third, I have no children so I have no personal ties to this issue.   I can only imagine that parents feel like they’re in a “Crossfire Hurricane”. (6)   In the immortal words of Stephen Stills “There’s Something Happening Here/But What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear/Everybody Look – What’s Going Down”? (7) & “Speak out, you got to speak out against the madness”. (7.5)What is clear, in 2016, is that the current vaccination schedule is akin to AUTISM ROULETTE!!!

Fourth, injectable ALUMINUM is an autonomic toxin in the human body. (10, Background)(14, M/A pg. 11) Just because it’s been done since the 1930’s, doesn’t make it safe and for what purpose?   The most recent vaccine to be developed was the HPV vaccine and studies found that the aluminum adjuvant has absolutely no difference in the immune response. (14, M/A pg. 2)

Now, this is where you demonstrate “intellectual dishonesty”.   You compare ingestible ALUMINUM (ubiquitous) to injectable ALUMINUM (manmade) on CHoP’s website (8) as if you were comparing apples to apples when in fact a better comparison would be a cherry tomato to a radioactive watermelon!!    On the CHoP vaccine education center website (9) you write that infants receive 4mg aluminum via injectable vaccines (100% absorbed) in their first six month of life and 10mg breast feed or 40mg formula feed or 120mg soy feed via ingestible ALUMINUM (0.3% absorbed) (10, Pathophysiology) over the same six month period.   Wow!   However, after some simple math, your deceit is exposed:

4mg x 100% absorbed (injectable) = 4mg x 1 = 4mg (Aluminum from vaccines)


10mg or 40mg or 120mg x 0.3% absorbed (ingested) = 10mg /40mg/120mg x .003 = .03mg or, .12mg, or 0.36mg (Aluminum from food)

If you took notice to the word “radioactive” (time/distance/shielding) above, I’m using it to signal time since ALUMINUM injected into the body has a half life of 7 years. (11)   Perhaps, armed with knowledge, this accounts for why delaying vaccines doesn’t work.    Now, I know that the MMR vaccine does not contain aluminum but DTaP (Infanrix), Hib (PedvaxHib), and Hep B all do. I’m not a chemist but it’s my understanding that Aluminum Hydroxide is worse than Aluminum Phosphate.   Thimerosal (mercury) is still in 2 vaccines (flu, Menningococcal) and according Dr. Ayoub “aluminum does impair the body’s ability to excrete mercury and impairs the substance known as glutathione. And if you increase the amount of aluminum, you actually make the little bit of mercury that you do get much more toxic because the body cannot handle it. So in theory now, when kids who weren’t exposed to the mercury and the DTaP and the Hib and the hep B, you increase the aluminum. And now, you reintroduce flu shots that have 25 mcg of mercury. That mercury now with a kid who is loaded with aluminum, might be much more dangerous because it is going to dwell in the body in a much longer period of time. The body can’t handle it as well.” (14, M/A pg. 6)

So, did you remember AUTISM PREVALENCE   1985 – 1 in 2500, 1995 – 1 in 500?   There was a 500% spike!!!   Man, I’m glad I received the “ALTamont (18, 1969) vaccine schedule” as a child.   Most of the spans increased prevalence by 100% including my birth year 1964 @1 in 10,000, 1975 – 1 in 5000.   Why did the prevalence spike?   I believe the spike was a direct result of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act or NCVIA which protected vaccine makers from lawsuits. (12)   Perhaps altruistic at the start this Act quickly morphed into a cross between the movie “Seven” and a perversion of the credo from “Field of Dreams”.    As a direct result from receiving immunity from lawsuits, “An Unholy Alliance” germinated.   An alliance between vaccine makers (the tails), CDC (butcircles) and doctors (the dogs) which has been in effect for thirty years!!!   “If you $recommend$ it in the vaccination schedule then we’ll make it.   Otherwise, you’re S O L. (13)   The result of this immunity deal was/is the quadrupling of the recommend vaccination schedule from 1969 by the CDC which equates to the doubling of the aforementioned poison aluminum. (14, Drs. M/A, pgs. 3, 6)   Do doctors give families council on how to try to help their child’s body chelate this neurotoxin aluminum namely:   a balanced diet, daily multivitamin with especially zinc, sweaty exercise, and 1L/day of Silica mineral H2o not nursed?   (Fiji H2o or comparable) (14, Dr. M, pg. 5)(15, 16)   No, the parents would become suspicious.   However, Russell L. Blaylock, retired Neurosurgeon, paints a bleak picture of chelating aluminum once in the brain when he writes “Moreover, experimental evidence shows that aluminum preferentially accumulates in the mitochondria and cell nucleus, which makes this metal very resistant to removal by chelation [55]. Obviously, long-term intracellular persistence of aluminum is likely to exacerbate its toxic effects.   The difficulty of removing brain intracellular aluminum will lead to its progressive accumulation over a lifetime, eventually reaching a neurotoxic threshold sufficient to trigger neurodegenerative disease processes” [56].(17, pg. 4)

Beyond statistics, Parents are just concerned whether or not their child could develop this dreadful disease, Autism.   For Cindy G. the lowering of a borderline high Rubella titer along with addressing low levels of IgA and IgG et al. by Sudhir Gupta, M.D., Ph.D., UC Irvine put her son Garrett on the road to becoming Autism free. (19, pgs. 10, 11) (20) (21)  Hey, check out Garrett on Vimeo. (22)   I’m a little surprised I haven’t seen him in more leading roles.

In conclusion, “Emotional Intelligence” (23) tell us to inject appropriate humor even in dire circumstances so, to paraphrase the comedic genius of Jerry Seinfeld, “if the vaccine schedule isn’t working than change back to when it was working”. (1985)(24)   As a healthcare worker who drew blood from patients regularly I electively received the Hep B vaccine to guard against Hepatitis B which is mainly transferred through sexual contact.   In my case it was to guard against getting stuck with an infected needle while doing my job. (25)

Finally, seems to me that the tails (vaccine makers) (26) and the butcircles (CDC) would be the ones who would be against changing back to the 1969 schedule to save the World’s children.   The dogs (doctors) who swear to “do no harm” are mainly concerned about remaining free from litigation unless you’re a vaccine doctor who receives money from Big Pharma. (27)   In that case perhaps you believe that the “Hippocratic Oath” doesn’t apply to you!


Ray Wesolowski






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Titan Uranus (Father Heaven) & Titan Gaia (Mother Earth) aren’t satisfied with your pick

An open letter to Tennessee Titans Coach Ken Whisenhunt about the pearls of angering the deities

May 13, 2014 by Ray Wesolowski, Philadelphia Eagles Fan

Coach Whisenhunt,
You must know that your pick of Marcus Mariota reeks of ownership, “a Daniel Snyder” if you will (seats & #8 jerseys). Obviously, as an Eagles fan, I was hoping that we could reach a mutually beneficial deal. I still believe a trade of Marcus to the Eagles is the correct play. Here’s why.
1. Never say never. However, I don’t think the “Herschel Walker trade”, which The Dallas Cowboys parlayed into three Super Bowls, will ever happen again. That being said, how does a 2-14 team improve with a pocket passing coach and a scheme, rookie quarterback? Well he’s an important part of a 3-5 year building plan you might say assuming you keep him healthy (Matt Leinart). Problem is, unless Marcus wins rookie of the year, several playoff games, and a Super Bowl, he walks after 4 years to Coach Kelly (“Ohana”) with the Titans achieving nothing because he’ll always be wondering how much better he could be in Coach Kelly’s scheme. During Marcus’s first press conference, the hair on the back of my neck stood up because I’ve seen this “bad movie” already. The Titan’s reporter asked him if the coach was going to alter the playbook to fit his skill set. His answer was “I have no idea”. In 1991, Rich Kotite (genius) tried to convert Randall Cunningham (“The Ultimate Weapon”) into a “pocket passer”. The result was Randall getting seriously hurt (knee) during the first game of the season which left his confidence in tatters selling t-shirts and hats while rehabbing which read “Let me be me” and “I’ll be back scrambling”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pxz_NkUR7A
2. Given the fact that the Titans record last year was 2-14 and you drafted a guard and a center in the 2015 draft, who do you say, with confidence, is going to block the “blind side” for Marcus and keep him safe if asked by his dad, Toa? Coach Kelly would look Toa in the eye and say we (Eagles) employ arguably the best left tackle in the league in Jason Peters.
3. Philosophically, I think we are all individuals each with a collection of unique experiences. Arguably your best head coaching job was with the 2008 Arizona Cardinals. You took that 9-7 team, lead by Kurt Warner (Heisman winning Matt Leinart was injured), all the way to the Super bowl beating Jim Johnson’s Eagles along the way. However you lost to The Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23 in a game you should have won. Pittsburgh scored a TD with 35 seconds left to seal the deal. The fact that you were 28th in points allowed during the regular season came back to bite you. (“Defense wins Championships”) It’s a shame you didn’t have the likes of a Malcolm Butler to come off the bench to stop Pittsburgh’s last scoring play. I mentioned Jim Johnson’s Eagles above. As you know, he lost his battle with melanoma in 2009. Andy Reid’s record was a pedestrian 33-31 without Jim Johnson before being fired in 2012.
PS. As a fan, I can only rely on hearsay. Mychal Kendricks &/or Fletcher Cox (“Defense wins Championships”) & Sam Bradford &/or Mark Sanchez, #1 2016, #2 2017, etc. traded for Marcus Mariota. Time’s yours.
Ray Wesolowski, Coatesville, PA., rwesol12@gmail.com